"Sabores" (CD)

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Copyright © 2007, CRE@AR Media / Lorenzo Negrete
Sabores (Tastes): a tasty recipe that pays homage
to Mexican and Latin American music
Boleros à la jazz or à la ballad. A thorough variety of Mexican ranchera rhythms:
Huapangos, corridos, waltzes; sometimes in a rustic ambience, other times in a
contemporary fashion. Here, you will hear songs from Agustin Lara, Guadalupe Trigo,
Manuel Esperon, all of which are great Mexican composers; and even two songs
composed by Lorenzo Negrete. There is also a very popular Colombian
Pasillo in this

Fully arranged by its own performer,
Sabores (Flavors) is a CD filled with tastes,
produced by Lorenzo Negrete and CRE@AR Media.